8. Where Can I Find More About Targeted Services and Programs?

The sites in this section are tailored to answer specific needs. It just may be the helpful information that you are looking for.

1. WORKink – Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work


WORKink is an interactive site dedicated to work equity. It publishes a number or articles on the difficulties experienced by job seekers with disabilities. It also provides news bulletin, job opportunities and a lot of practical advice. The most important facet of this site is the counselling chat room, where job seekers can discuss their situations with an on-line counsellor.

CIP: This site provides a link to the Web Access Employment Network (WAEN) and a job bank especially for job seekers with special needs. Click here to see this website.

2. National Educational Association of Disabled Students


Current or prospective students with disabilities will find this site extremely useful. It includes a list of Canadian colleges and universities with on-line information on services for students with special needs, allow you to get in touch with disabled students groups or committees, and provides information on financial help. Consider this site as essential resources!

4. Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials


If you are new to Canada and would like more information on studying or working here, this site is for you. It provides information on the credentials assessment process, which evaluates your past schooling or work experience to determine what you are qualified to do here in Canada. This is a necessary step when applying to university or to find out if you can continue practising your profession here. The site lists a number of services across the country that facilitate the assessment process.

CIP: There is also a special section for Canadians who want to study abroad. This section provides links to national and regional sources of educational information around the world. Click here to see this information.

5. The Aboriginal Canada Portal


The Aboriginal Canada Portal is a unique Internet gateway to Canadian Aboriginal on-line resources, contacts, information and government programs and services. The portal is easy to use and presents a vast array of information for and about Aboriginal people on such topics as employment, business, education, training and economic development. The site also features links to National Aboriginal organizations, Aboriginal community information and federal, provincial and territorial governments.