Top 100 Internet Sites for Learning and Employment

Skills & Learning: Key to Our Future

Choosing a JOB can be Hard work.

For Canada to succeed and grow in the knowledge-based economy of the 21s century, we must have a labor force that is skill, experience and able to take on the challenge of a rapidly evolving job market.

New challenges face us – Canada’s demographics are changing rapidly with an aging population and a declining birth rate. More than half the Canadian workforce of the year 2015 is already in the labor market, and yet by 2004 more than 70 per cent of jobs will require workers with some sort of post-secondary education, ranging from technical trade schools or apprenticeship programs to college or university.

Today’s jobs call for people who are literate, and computer and Internet savvy – people who can learn and adapt their skills to the hybrid jobs that are being created as technologies and industries merge. At the same time, there is a looming shortage of workers in professional and skilled trades.

Canadian workers must be ready to face these new realities. They must renew and upgrade their skills, and take on the challenge of life-long learning. They must be flexible, to adapt themselves to emerging employment opportunities.

The Skills and Learning Agenda, part of Canada’s Innovation Strategy, has been put into place by the Government of Canada to give a framework that will help facilitate this new emphasis on continuous learning. The Government of Canada is also working, along with the public and private sector, educational institutions, and other levels of government, to put programs and learning opportunities into place to help Canadian workers of today and tomorrow find and retain work.

Whether you are looking for a job, thinking about changing your career, or trying to get back into labor force, The Top 100 Internet Sites for Learning and Employment can help you start to think about where you need to go, as you plan your career path, and develop and enhance your skills and abilities.

Planning for your success is vital, not only for your future, but also for the future of Canada. Ensuring that Canada has a skilled work force ensures I can continue to compete in the global market place. Together we can succeed.

Innovation and Learning for Canadians

This unique guide was designed to help Canadians, especially young Canadians, plan their education and their careers. It can also help them familiarize themselves with the incredible tool the Internet has become, and the thousands upon thousands of resources it contains.

This guide was produced by Le groupe de recherche Ma Carriere, a division of Jobboom inc., in partnership with Human Resources Development Canada. We hope it will serve you well in your future employment and leaning explorations. Happy navigating!

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  1. I need an education or training.
  2. I need to choose a career.
  3. I need to look for a job.
  4. I need experience.
  5. What is the job market like?
  6. I want to work for myself.
  7. How can I work or study abroad?
  8. Where can I find more about targeted services and programs?
  9. Where can I find more information?

This Directory, The Top 100 Internet Sites for Learning and Employment, will introduce you to the most useful sites on the Internet today – site that provide concrete solutions to issues faced by Canadian students, people looking to change their carriers and job seekers. We have chosen these sites because they:

  • Reach a wide audience.
  • Provide current, complete, and authoritative information.
  • Are accessible free of change to users.
  • Are well organized and easy to use.

Most of the sites we present are Canadian, however we have included some U.S. sites because they are particularly useful of because of the high quality of their information. It is important to keep the county of origin in mind when you are visiting these sites, particularly when evaluating the job market or deciding on a specific career.

Please note that this list is not a ranking. We have listed equally interesting sites for learning and employment, and have classified them in several numbered categories to facilitate consultation.

We have listed each site by its most commonly used title and included a brief description. A “Career Interest Point” (CIP) identifies a page that is particularly helpful. Also, look for the Tips on how to use the sites most effectively.

All the URLs were current as of October 1, 2002. Where we list a single page or section of a larger site, we also provide the site’s home page. If you can not get to the section directly, try to access it from the home page.

Additional Information:

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