(August 25, 2020) Johanna K.

You’ve been extremely helpful to us.
I must say, in all 12 years of homeownership, I have never had the pleasure to work with such a professional and efficient underwriter as yourself. I look forward to working with you next year.
Have a nice weekend.

Johanna K.

(March 6, 2020) Oleg Ratnikov

5/5 stars. Alena & Serguie helped me with my mortgage and never missed a beat. The process was very straightforward with the top-notch service! Thank you awesome team!!!

(March 5, 2020) Alexander Harchenko

Absolutely amazing professional. Honest, clear, super knowledgeable.

(February 27, 2020) Angelina

Great help. Very knowledgeable. Helps to make important decisions for life.

(February 27, 2020) Olga Vinokurova

Thank you so much Sergey. We have resolved our issue and will definitely contact you again. Your knowledge and experience is necessary for any person living in our city. Thanks again and see you soon!!!
Olga Vinokurova

(December 24, 2019) Anatoly Shulman

Dear Sergey Totrov. I am very grateful to you for the qualified assistance rendered to me. It was very nice to talk with you. You are a true professional in your field. Your staff is very attentive and friendly.
I will be glad to contact you in the future. Thanks again.

Anatoly Shulman.

(September 11, 2019) Nina and Sergey Kim


Thank you very much for your consultation regarding our retirement plans. We really appreciate your competency and professional approach. We have learned a lot and will adjust our financial plans accordingly.

We would refer to your company with our financial needs and recommend it to our friends and family.


Nina and Sergey Kim

(May 13, 2019) Yanka and Cvetan

Dear Seguei,

Thank you for taking time to discuss with us questions related to getting a mortgage to purchase a house in our particular situation.
We were impressed with your professional approach, friendly attitude, expertise and knowledge of the matters we were asking about.

We really appreciate your valuable advices and information you provided to us regarding mortgage options, various forms of insurance and how each one works, pensions and RRSP. On your web-site we also found a lot of very helpful information.

We need time to do our research in the real estate market and figure out what to do further and will contact you when we take a decision and collect the necessary documentation.

Thank you again for your consideration.


Yanka and Cvetan

(March 5, 2018) Oksana and Alexandr Sevciuc

Thank you so much for all team!
It’s a big pleasure for us to work with you for 10 years!

Have a great day!

( December 14, 2017) Elena Ribar

Thank you, Sergey and your team for another amazing job you did to make my purchase of a new house happen. I know it was not easy to find the appropriate solution and you did it! Not only you yourself but also your team have offered a very professional and organized approach to make it happen. I have been relying on your high knowledge and professional expertise in solving all my financial problems, not only mortgages but also other very important investments since early 2000s. Your desire to help and your support in all steps have always been incredible. Without you, this dream house would not have happened! I wish you many successful years ahead!

(November 30, 2017) Dasha Lomonova

Hi Galya,

I wanted to let you know that I have just picked up the keys for the house and everything with the house is now done.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for everything that you have done to help me get this house. I know that I have, at times, not had the info that was necessary and not that great if things in time, so thank you so much for being ok with that.

I could have never gotten this house if it was not for all the work and help that you have done. Ogromnoe spacibo Za vse .

Thank you again.

(September 3, 2017) Olga Ilyavina

Hello Serguei,

Thank you so much to you and your team for taking a great care of my mortgage last year and my HELOC just recently. Great work, excellent knowledge and patience from all of you, and as a result, awesome experience for us as your clients.

Now, when our mortgage needs are settled, I am looking for your help with my kids’ RESP. I have been contributing to RESP since my kids were born in 2005 and 2007. I made some progress but I don’t think I managed to take a full advantage of all possible benefits. Having said that, I would like to have a conversation with you regarding my current state of RESP and work together with you on the future state to ensure that my RESP benefits are maximized. I can gather all required information for you prior to our conversation so you would have whatever is required for analyzing my current state. Please let me know what you need (NOA, RESP statements, etc?) and I will gather it and send it over to you. Once its done, maybe we can arrange a phone conversation to review and discuss possible options and a next step.

Thanks again for all your help!

(2017) Andriy Arbenin

The service was fast and effective.

(2017) Alya Tara

I would like to express my gratitude to Serguei Totrov for his detailed, professional advice, for help in resolving my difficult financial situation, as well as for his support and patience. Thank you!

(2017) Olga Lawton

Hello Serguei,
Thank you so much to you and your team for taking a great care of our mortgage last year and arranging our HELOC just recently. Great work, excellent knowledge and patience from all of you, and as a result, awesome experience for us as your clients. We are looking forward to continue working with you on other financial initiatives!

(2017) Vladimir Grountsev

Whenever myself or my family members need financial services or just advice, we turn to Sergey and his staff. And the result is always very impressive.
Even just entering the office of Sergei Totrov, we feel as if visiting good friends. And most importantly is the professionalism of the head of the company and his employees. Thanks to them, my family managed to save significant amounts of money.
I am very grateful to Sergey and warmly recommend his services to everyone in unclear financial situation.

Dimitry Farberov

I am interested in receiving your e-mails, because they are very interesting and can be trusted.
Every year i use your travel insurance contracts, which are pretty cheap and cover enough case.
Thank you!

I applied for a mortgage through your organization and was very happy with the service and the people I worked with.

Olga Mironenko

So far we found a lot of useful and beneficial information from the professionals of your team and greatly appreciate the current financial consultancy service from your Company and related to the ongoing process of purchasing the home.
Great personal thank to Svetlana.

Andrey and Natalia

I like how you are compiling and sharing the financial news in an easy to read and understand language. pretty sure lots of people, including myself find this very very nice. It feels like I’m in permanent touch with you and feels like you’re my personal financial advisors. I was not definitely not expecting this, so thank you very much for this.

Iuri Laiu

Serguei, Svetlana and Valentina!
Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the great service you provided. From the beginning, I felt like I was in good hands with the quality of support I received from you.
I know that I may have pushed you at times because of my lack of knowledge about the process and I want to thank you for being patient with me. Yes, everything at the closing went very well and I am extremely pleased with the loans you helped me obtain.
I will recommend you to all I know, and if in the future I need another loan or re-finance, you will be my first call.
You truly are great at what you do!

Irina and Philippe

My name is Anna Skrinnik, I’m the oldest daughter of Boris Skrinnik and Ilona Kolmatskaya. My parents became your clients in 2006.
I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to Sergei Totrov and his team for informing my parents about RESP education plan and helping them open and maintain their contributions to it.
Having saved that money using RESP has opened a door for me to pursue a post-secondary degree in Physics at York University and had paid for vast majority of my academic spending.
To give an estimate of efficiency and usefulness of opening a RESP for a child: my parents have opened the account in 2006, and by 2012 there was enough money in RESP account to fund 4 years of education: a full post-secondary Bachelors degree.
As a student, I am endlessly grateful to Sergei and his team for letting my parents know about the RESP and helping them maintain a healthy amount of monetary contribution, as the saved money has allowed me to focus on my studies, rather than juggling a job and enormous amount of schoolwork that every major and every student gets in a post-secondary institution.
As a child of the family, I never felt that our family is being financially burdened from making monetary contributions to RESP plans for my sister and I. Having stated that is another reason to praise the outstanding expertise and care of Sergei and his team.
The amazing job that Sergei and his team do will allow a family of any income to successfully and almost effortlessly save up to give their kids a brighter future.

My sincerest gratitude and kindest regards,

Anna Skrinnik
Candidate for Honours B.Sc., York University
Treasurer, Physics Society at York University
Vice President, Diversity in Physics Student Association
Research Assistant, Dr. Tulin’s Research Group

My husband and I first invested with Serguei Totrov as our financial advisor over ten years ago. We have been very impressed with his competence and very professional approach. His integrity and knowledge are invaluable. He keeps himself current with the market and new funds that are available.

Throughout the years he has met with us regularly, discussed and updated our financial plan and advised us with regard to purchasing new funds, giving us the personal service that we require.
Serguei is also our life insurance advisor and mortgage broker. He and his amazing team, Global Maxfin Investments Inc., have played an integral role in building our personal financial well-being through RRSPs, TFSAs and great mortgage rates.

They have always been available to answer questions and do the legwork and research to make sure that our investments and life insurance are on track with our needs. We feel as though they truly care about our family, our finances, and our future.

We have been more than pleased with Serguei Totrov individual service and his entire team’s wonderful work.

We have recommended Global Maxfin Investments Inc. to a number of our friends and they also are very happy with the service. I will definitely continue to spread a word about Serguei Totrov’s services and would highly recommend them.

Tetyana and Vlad K. – Clients since 2002

(June 18, 2015) Oksana Shevchiuk said:

Hello all team!
Thanks a lot for all your help and time!
You could not even imagine how really appreciated we are for everything you are doing!
Oksana Shevchiuk

(Apr 29, 2015) Stanislav Necrasov said:

Dear “Totrov’s team” and there BOSS Serguei

I very appreciate hard work what you did to get mortgage for us.

(Feb 18, 2015) Olga Goryunova said:

I have been a client of Serguei Totrov Financial Services since 2009. Serguei have assisted me with many services including medical insurance plans, mortgage services and RESP contract for my son. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences which Serguei and his Team demonstrated over the past years. What really impressed me was the way Serguei took the time to get a feeling for where we were at, his depth of knowledge, and common sense approach. I have been continually impressed with his ability to work within my comfort-level and find me the best deal on the market.

I don’t hesitate to refer Serguei to my friends because I know that they will get the same professional attention that I do. After talking to many people about their financial advisors and mortgage brokers, Serguei is one of the most compassionate and customer oriented individuals I’ve known. I appreciate the experience, professionalism, and dedication of the entire Team we worked with and will continue reaching out to them for my future needs.

Olga Goryunova, client since 2009

(Nov 19, 2014) Andrey Chirkov said:

So far we found a lot of useful and beneficial information from the professionals of your team and greatly appreciate the current financial consultancy service from your Company and related to the ongoing process of purchasing the home.
Great personal thank to Svetlana.
Best wishes, kind regards and happy Canada Day,
Andrey and Natalia.

(Nov 19, 2014) Nadia Zotova said:

Thanks a lot to Irina. I appreciate your job and kindness

(Nov 19, 2014) Inga Spatari said:

Hello Irina,
Thank you for your help with my trip health insurance.

(May 24, 2014) Irina Tsykov said:

Thanks for excellent professional service.
Your team is friendly and works fast.

(Oct 10, 2013) The Cisco Family said:

Thanks for the mortgage Serguei! We love our new house!!

(Oct 9, 2013) S. Bardzecki said:

Serguei has been our financial planner for 6 years. He has been great for our entire family. I highly recommend him. 5-stars.