Mortgage Application

In order for us to begin working on your file, whether it will be an official application to a lender for a mortgage or simply to analyze your options, we have to have some information about you, that is necessary for us to look for a solution.

As you are probably already aware, as of 2014 we opened a franchise:

“Dominion Lending Centres – Your Mortgage Choice”.

Dominion Lending Centres, today, is the larges brokerage in Canada, that brings together around 2,300 agents and has a market share of about 25% of Canadian market.

If this is not your first time applying for a mortgage with us in the new format, you can skip to Mortgage Application page. If this is your first time visiting our new website, we recommend you first read this section and the same link to apply for the mortgage will be available at the end of the page.

Mortgage application is now located on our other website This website is on behalf of our franchise DLC-Your Mortgage Choice and is fully dedicated to the process of buying a property and obtaining a mortgage. Additionally, you can find a lot of useful information there and learn about Dominion Lending Centres (DLC).

Naturally, all information that you put down must be confirmed by appropriate documents. Please, look carefully through the list of necessary documents and in case of any question call us, we will help.

Now you can go on and begin filling out the application at the following link Mortgage Application.