1. I Need an Education or Traning

Are you about to finish high school? Maybe you have been working for a number of years but want to change, a challenge or a promotion. Further education or training in one way to get to that next level in your career. The demand for all kinds of skilled workers in Canada is growing, and acquiring the much-needed skills, abilities and experience could be your ticket to an exiting and rewarding work life. Explore these links to find the school or program that interests you, and begin your journey.

Learning About Schools

1. School Finder


School Finder is an extensive search engine for Canadian colleges, career colleges, universities, graduate schools and on-line training. The site describes each institution in detail, including the program it offers. There are also links to each school’s Web site, n many cases an on-line for and form that allows you to request more information. You can perform simple searches for institutions of programs, but you will have to register (free of charge) to do more complex searches. The site also contains a great deal of information on scholarships, searchable by institutions and programs.

CIP: On School Finder, you can explore the training options that fit your career interests. Here you will find hundreds of careers described, with a list of relevant training options ad scholarships.

2. CanLearn Interactive


Every one agrees that when it comes to education and training, a good plan of attack makes all the difference. CanLearn Interactive has a huge collection of tools, information and resources to help you create that plan. Whether you are looking for information on post – secondary institutions and programs, advice on career possibilities or real information about financing your education, CanLearn Interactive can help. The “Find it” section on the web site contains a comprehensive directory of Canadian learning institutions and resources, and a Toolkit full or practical web sites to help you with your studies. When you are ready to make the leap into the wold of work, visit the “Online Counsellor” and browse through hundreds questions and answers on a variety of topics. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the archives, then simply e-mail the question to the Online counsellor and you will receive a personal reply with in 72 hours. And then it comes to the big questions – “How am I going to pay for it?” – Can/Learn provides a practical arsenal of tools to budget for success, locate scholarships and bursaries, and learn about government student loans and other federal and provincial programs and services for learners.

3. Career-College.com (List of schools)


You will find a list, by province, of career colleges throughout the country (Click on “Colleges”). Links to each college’s Web site are provided and, in many instances, there is a direct link to program information of an on-line application form. A very useful site for those who with to pursue technical training.

Exploring Training Options

4. Association of Canadian Community Colleges – Programs Database


Use this search engine to find any program offered by Canada’s community colleges. Enter a keyword that describes your field on interests, choose a province, and the site will display a list of al matching programs, along with links to the Web sites of colleges where they are offered.

CIP: Find a Web site address of any community college in Canada here.

5. Association of Colleges and Universities of Canada (AUCC) – Programs Search Engine


This page features a search engine that is quite simple yet very efficient. It allows you to search for any Canadian University program in just about any field. You may want o limit your search to one province or expand it to all the universities in Canada. Particularly useful if you are looking for graduate programs or if you are searching for a co-op program at the undergraduate level.

Tip: The “Database Search” option is much more efficient the “Text Search” (keyword) option.

6. Campus Program.com – Canada Edition


Do you want to know where in Canada the program that interests you is offered? Would you like a quick reference? This is a Web directory of university programs across Canada. Programs are grouped into categories such as arts, business and health. Simply click on the category and subcategory of your choice to find links to all relevant Canadian programs located on the Web sites of each school. Some other interesting links may be included such as student association Web sites. There is also an alphabetical index of programs.

Tip: Links sometimes get broken. When that happens, you may have to go to the school’s Web site to look for the program.

7. What can I do with a major in …?


Students are often confused about which employed opportunities correspond to a given university major or degree. What can you do which a degree in anthropology, economics or law? This site will provide the answers. For more then 40 training options, you will find descriptions of the work and corresponding job titles in various sectors. Each description ends with a list of relevant Web sites for trades and professional listings, specific career resources, professional tools etc. A worthwhile visit.

Funding My Education

8. CanLearn interactive Financing, Scholarships Search and National Student Loans Service Centre


Can Learn Interactive and the National Student Loans Service Centre  provides a wealth of information about selecting the best financing strategy for your education. Visit the financing section and explore the range of options available to you. Use the “Scholarships Search” or find one of the thousands of scholarships, awards and grants available that many people don’t even know about. If you want to  know more about government student loans and other financial assistance options, check out the “National Student Loans Service Centre” for info about applying for, main training and repaying a student loan, and info about Canada Study Grants.

9. Student Awards.com


Student Awards.com allows you to evaluate eligibility for bursaries, grants and scholarships. Use the questionnaire to create your  profile and the search engine will then identify the bursaries that fit your requirements. You can create an account and save your profile; as new and suitable bursaries become available, they will automatically be added.

10. Scholarships Canada 


Just like Student Awards, Scholarships Canada allows you to search hundreds of grants, bursaries and scholarships. The easy-to-use advanced search feature helps you look for scholarships, categorized by school, that will fit your needs. This site also provides advice on applying for scholarships and the effective use of government loans. Another great site for students.

Lifelong Earning

11. Canadian Virtual University (CVU)


The Canadian Virtual University is a partnership of Canadian schools that have experience in offering distance education courses and programs. The universities involved are Athabasca University, British Columbia Open University, Brandon University, Laurentain University, Royal Roads University, University of Victoria, Tele-University, University de Moncton, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Mount Saint-Vincent University, University College of Cape Breton, University of New Brunswick and University of Manitoba. The site offers a great variety of graduate and undergraduate programs listed by school, subject or level. The partnership os planning to include other distance education instructions and thereby offer more programs. A great place to continue your training.

12. DistanceStudies.com


Discover the distance education program offered across Canada and the United States! This site’s search engine allows you to explore programs given from any state or province in North America. You can, of course limit your search to your preferred field of study or include other search criteria such as program type, means of correspondence and the program duration. More than 200 schools are listed.

Tip: This site has some great advice on choosing a distance education program and tips on succeeding in your studies. See the articles here.

13. Red Seal Program – Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)


The Red Seal Program provides workers in the skilled trades with greater mobility across Canada by encouraging standardization of provincial and territorial apprenticeship training and certification programs. At present, Red Seal endorsement allows graduated apprentices and certified journey persons in 44 trades to work in any province or territory where their trade is designated, without having having to write further examinations. The Red Seal Web site provides Canadians with information about apprenticeship, trades, the Red Seal program and certification. It also features a list of Red Seal trades and a comparative chart of apprenticeship training programs across Canada (the Ellis Chart).