4. I Need Experience

You cannot get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job! There is a way out of this catch-22. Break the loop. These sites offer information on work-related learning opportunities such as summer jobs, internships, volunteer work and exchanges.

1. Youth employment Information – Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)


The Youth Employment Information (YEI) site is the official Web site of the Government of Canada’s Youth Employment Strategy (YES). This site provides access to federal government information on career planning as well as employment resources for youth, employers, community services providers and parents. The YEI site is a unique resource for youth wishing to make the transition from school to work. It contains information about internships, careers, employment opportunities and several other learning possibilities and experiences in the work place.

Tips: Although this site is designed for youth, there is a lot of information here with links that will also benefit others.

2. On Site


On site offers internships to recent graduates who currently receive, have received within the last three years, or are eligible to receive employment Insurance (EI). The site outlines internship opportunities in six fields. Applicants must complete an on-line questionnaire and EI recipients are eligible to continue receiving benefits during their internships.

3. Career Edge – National Youth Internship Program


This program is aimed at university, college and high school graduates who have finished their education but lack career-related work experience. The goal of this non-profit organization is to enhance the employability of Canada’s youth. It accomplishes this by providing six-, nine-, or 12-month paid internships to qualified applicants. There are currently more tan 350 different organizations from a variety of industries participating in the program. If you fell you’re caught in the vicious cycle of “no experience, no work”, this sit is for you.

Tip: You must register with the service to access the list on internships available.

4. Internships and Volunteer Work – Campus Access.com

Home page: http://www.campusaccess.com/internships/

This site provides listing of internships and volunteer opportunities available through Canadian, American and international organization in eight categories, including business and trade, medicine, and technology. Each organization describes in detail the opportunities it offers, explains application procedures and provides contact information. If you are interested in getting experience in another country, this is the place to look.

Tip: Find much more information on Canadian education from the site’s home page.

5. Young Canada Works – Canadian Heritage


Young Canada Works (YCW) programs give young people across Canada the opportunity to earn money while they prepare to move from school to the labour force and, at the same time, gain valuable job experiences that they need for their career. The YCW program also helps build connections among Canadians, promotes Canada’s diverse cultures and increases the participant’s knowledge of other regions of Canada. YCW sponsors opportunities with employers through summer placement for high school and post-secondary students, and through internships for unemployed college and university graduates

Check our these YCW programs: Young Canada Works in National Parks and National Historic Sites, Young Canada Works in Heritage Institutions, Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages and Young Canada Works for Aboriginal Urban Youth.

6. Exchanges Canada


The Exchanges Canada Web site provides information on more then 250 exchange initiatives and related activities throughout Canada and abroad. Some of the exchange activities listed are founded by Exchanges Canada. In most of these cases, Exchanges Canada pays the travel costs of all eligible participants. These exchanges help young Canadians gain knowledge and understanding of Canada, connect to one another and appreciate the diversity and shared aspect of the Canadian experience.