6. I Want to Work for Myself

Is starting a business right for you? Do you have what it takes to be your own boss? Before you decide, get the facts by checking out these sites that offer a variety of information on self-employment, entrepreneurship and business management.

Where to Begin

1. EnterWeb


A Canadian site, EnterWeb is an Internet virtual Library with an international perspective. It has information on all aspects of entrepreneurship, self-employment and small business management. The site is organized into broad topics such as international commerce, economic development, financing, small business management, e-commerce and many others. Comprehensive!

2. EntreWorld


Possible the most exhaustive of all information sources o entrepreneurship! This site is jammed with articles, tools and advice on all issues related to setting up your own business. Start-up difficulties, balancing business and family life, planning for growth – these issues and more are addressed here!

3. Human Resources Management – Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)


Human Resources Management is a one-stop resource of information for small to medium-sized employers. This site helps employers find qualified employees and make informed decisions on hiring. It also addresses a number of day-to-day human resource management issues, such as employment standards, worker compensation, occupational safety, benefits and a lot more. Also on this site is sector-specific information which has proven to be a great resource.

Tip: Job seekers will benefit from knowing more about hiring practices and other human resource-related issues.

CIP: You can also access this site through the Canada Site, under the “Canadian Business Gateway” here.

The Gateway offers information on a variety of other topics, including innovation, business start-up, business financing and taxation.

4. Working from Home – Paul and Sarah Edwards


Paul and Sarah Edwards are well-know authors and experts on self-employment. They offer advice to entrepreneurs on home business ideas, marking tips, opportunities and much more. A very interesting visit!

More Help

5. Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is Canada’s small business bank. Its various financing programs are described, including the Micro Business Program, the Young Entrepreneur Financing Program, Seed and Venture Capital, and others (click on “Products and Solutions”, then “Financial Products”). The BDC also offers management and business consulting serves. Use the “Branch Locator” to find the BDC office in your area.

6. YouthBusiness.com


Produced by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF), this site offers technical advice and support to young entrepreneurs. The “Resource Centre” section is full of useful articles on important topics to new entrepreneurs: start-up, financing, franchises, legal issues, human resources and more. Registered users can access the “Business Builder” for help with business planning and development. Click on the map of Canada to quickly access a lost of programs and services in your province. You can also post your question on any relevant subjects (taxation, finance etc.) to small business experts. A great site with lots of useful features.

CIP: This site also offers on on-line mentoring program, called Odyssey, for young entrepreneurs. Click on “Online Mentoring” on the home page.

7. Canada One


Canada One is a Canadian small business magazine, full of articles and resources on a variety of topics. Subjects include starting up, writing a business plan, sales, public relations and more. This site also features a Canadian directory of businesses, a “tool kit” full of practical guides and financial tools, and a calendar of business events. You’ll probably be back to visit this one often!