5. What Is The Job Market Like?

What are the jobs of the future? What is the average salary of an existing occupation? Labour Market Information (LMI) is about different occupations and the wages, standards and qualifications that go along with them. These site will give you’re the latest facts, figures and trends in the world of work in Canada. They can help you decide what career choice will suit you best now and in the future.

The Local Markets

1. Labour Market Information and Outlook – Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)


Find out what’s happening in local job markets across Canada. First select the province and then the region where you live. Get detailed information on occupations, wages, employment trends, industries and labour market conditions. You can also access information on provincial labour markets.

CIP: For many regions, you will also find a list of potential employers by occupation or industry. A very useful tool for job seekers!

2. Canadian Relocation System


Thinking of looking for work in another city? Use this guide to learn as much as possible about your new destination. Simply select the city that interests you from the pull-down menu on the home page. Read informative briefs and learn about businesses, schools, associations and services in the area.

CIP: For income and work statistics, try the pull-down menu here. You’ll get some basic information on the cities of your choice from Statistic Canada, which you can use to compare employment possibilities in various parts of the country.

Industry Sectors and Business

3. Sectoral and Occupational Studies – Human resources Development Canada (HRDC)


HRDC sponsors a number of Human Resources Studies that investigate trends in different employment sectors. On this site, you will find summaries of those reports for many employment sectors. Each will give you a better idea of the recruiting needs of employers, and of the skills they are seeking.

CIP: Special reports are available for emerging and high-growth sectors that offer great employment possibilities. Click first on “Industry Profiles”, then on “Emerging Sectors”.

CIP: The reports were produced by sector groups and many have their own Web sites where you can find more information and special programs such as internships. These links are listed here. Click on “List of Councils”.

Other Market Information

4. SkillNet Today – Canada’s Daily Labour Market News


SkillNet Today is an on-line employment newspaper, with its news updates two or three times a week. Learn about companies hiring, new career possibilities and labour market changes as they happen, through brief but informative articles. At the end of each article there are links to related sites.