7. How Can I Work or Study Abroad?

Some of life’s really exciting adventures lie elsewhere. If you want to see the world while you work or study, then you may want to explore the opportunities outside of your home province or country, or even those on another continent! Check out these sites. They offer information on topics such as attending school or working in the United States and abroad, as well as distance education options.

Studying in The United States

1. Peterson’s Education and Career Centre


The Peterson’s guides are among the best sources of information on education on job training in the Unites States. There are hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programs in the States and this site’s search engine will allow you to locate the ones that might interest you. You will also find information on summer schools, career education, international study programs, admissions procedures and plenty more.

2. School Rankings – U.S. – News and World Report (USNWR)


Home page: http://ww.usnews.com

Therefore, you’ve already decided to pursue your education south of the border. You are trying to decide among a number of institutions offering programs in your chosen filed. Start your search here! Every year, USNWR produces ranking of U.S. colleges and universities at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The site is very specific: you can find detailed rankings of law schools that specialize in intellectual property, to cite one example. Just click on the type of school you want in the left frame to get on your way!

3. College Board Online


This site is a great pace to start if you want to know more about studying Stateside. Its search engine will allow you to perform multiple types of searches (by school name, by type of school etc.). You can also search for colleges using your own personal preferences (e.g., majors, sports, financial assistance). This is a little more complicated but it yields excellent results. The site also provides other valuable information on such topics as educational costs, admissions procedures and financial aid. In some cases you can even apply on-line.

CIP: You can also learn all you need to know about the SAT and the other admission tests from this site.

CIP: You will find a lot of great information on careers on this site. Click on “Planning for College”, then on “Researching Careers” at the bottom of the page.

4. Edupass


Any international student who wishes to study in the United States needs information on visas, living arrangements, admission requirements and finances. Edupass helps you prepare for an enjoyable stay at Uncle Sam’s. The site is clearly laid out and very easy to use. If you need more information, you can send an e-mail request to an adviser directly from the site.

Working in The United States

5. America’s Job Bank


This is the original American version of our own Job Bank, so it’s bigger. In September of 2002, the site contained nearly one million available jobs. Job seekers first select a job category and a zip code before launching their search. Each job description contains a profile of the state, the wage and other relevant information. It is also possible to use a keyword search and to look for specific job titles.

6. Career Builder


This Web site offers an extensive yet easy-to-use listing of job opportunities across the United States. Career Builder is actually a clearing house of job postings for more than 70 pother American sites, including USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and the Microsoft Network. You can search for jobs by location, job title, salary, industry and keyword. A must for anyone thinking about heading south of the border to work.

Studying and Working in the Rest of the World

7. Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas


The Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas is Canada’s authoritative reference for international job seekers. This Web site will introduce you to the guide and its content. Here you will find a lot of valuable help, whether you are planning a short internship or would like a long-term assignment abroad. It contains a list of organizations with overseas programs and a Web directory of resources to help you find great international appointees

8. The Braintrack University Index


This comprehensive site will allow you to find the Web site of any university in the world. Start you search for the school that interests you by using the alphabetical list of countries. Click on the country’s name to get a list of its universities.

9. GradSchools.com


This amazing site lets you search through 53,000 graduate school programs everywhere in the world. Simply select your field of study in the pull-down menu to get a list of programs in the United States and other parts of the world. There are also quick links to business graduate programs and distance education options.

11. International Programs – Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC)


The mandate of International Programs, run by the Public Service Commission, is to coordinate the Canadian Government’s efforts to identify professional Canadians for jobs in the international organizations to which Canada belongs. Working with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, this program maintains an inventory of potential candidates, identify positions of interest to Canada, and identifies highly qualified Canadians to compete for the. Applications should preferable have an advanced university degree and a least twelve years of relevant and specialized work experience, preferable in developing countries or other international settings. In many cases, positions require a working knowledge or more than one of the official languages of the organization.

12. Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)


The Web site of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) presents information on a number of opportunities of individuals who wish to work in the filled of international development. People between the ages of 19 and 30 can apply to take part in the International Youth Internship Program that offers work and learning experiences abroad. CIDA also recruits development officers and promotes a number of opportunities with other organizations. Check out CIDA’s Web site for links that will allow you to explore even more possibilities.

CIP: Young people interested in other cultures and international development should visit the “Youth Zone” here.

It is full of information, games and activities.

International Experience

13. Youth International Internship Program – Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)

Home page: http://www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca

This site is a must for young Canadians who would like t work or study abroad. The Youth International Internship Program is designed to provide an initial, paid, career-related international experience to unemployed or underemployed youth. In its “Academic Relations and Youth Exchange” section, the site describes many international youth programs, including summer work abroad a, academic exchanges and international internships.

CIP: Interested in a career in the foreign service? Click here.

14. Worldwide Classroom


An amazing site for the student traveler! Here you will find information on just about any country, including currency exchange, travel tips and advice, and, of course, schools with international programs. The site is filled with other useful information on air travel, cultural and language issues, and a lot more.