For Newcomers

As you already know, during the first 3 months after your arrival to Canada, your medical expenses are not covered by provincial medical insurance plan (OHIP). I will help you to buy medical insurance for this period of time and offer you a free private consultation about financial aspects of life in Canada, providing you with information on the following topics:

  • Tax rates and taxes for permanent employees, contractors, or business owners.
  • The most effective legal way to reduce your taxes in Canada.
  • The two public pension types available in Canada. Individual retirement plan (RRSP).
  • Sick leaves and protection provided by the state in case of illness.
  • Details of purchasing a real estate property.
  • Differences between permanent and contract positions. Jobbenefits: how they work.
  • Various lifehealthand disability insurance programs.
  • Financial planning in Canada.
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