New Insurance Program – Critical Illness Insurance

Dr. Bernard: “You need insurance not only because you are going to die, but also because you are going to live”.

Almost everybody wants to have insurance not only for their heirsbut for themselves too. As statistics have shown, a person’s health is deteriorating during the first few years of immigration. The process of adapting to and finding one’s place in a new country is a very stressful one.

To protect people from such problems as heart attack, stroke, cancer, heart surgery, transplantation or loss of vital organs, severe burns, coma, loss of vision, speech, limbs, or hearing, etc. (click here to view the complete list of illnesses) is the purpose of Critical Illness Insurance, often called Living Benefit. Critical Illness Insurance is really Life Insurance. Money is really intended for the person who buys the insurance, which is the reason for the rapidly growing popularity of this program.

The terms are as follows: the entire amount is paid on the 31st day after the illness was diagnosed. In case the person dies during the 30 days, all contributions that were made to this insurance will be returned to the person’s heirs. There are programs, in which you will get all your money back when you reach 75, if the insured case has not occurred.

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