Travel Insurance

We are always in anticipation of a journey – a family vacation abroad at a summer or winter resort, a business trip, or a trip to your hometown. Whatever the destination, each trip promises us fresh impressions, new people to meet, and old friends to discuss the good old days with, or just an escape from everyday worries.

As you make plans for your next trip, remember that OHIP does not provide coverage in other countries. Small amount of money spent on medical insurance will make you feel protected outside Canada.

For $1.50 per day for trips to US and for $0.90 for trips to any other country, you can buy insurance that covers all your medical expenses up to $2,000,000 (including medical services, staying in a hospital and even tooth pain relief). Family discounts are available.

This type of insurance can also be used by truck drivers, at a cost of just $39 per year.

You can buy it even on a short notice by phone.

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